Nicholas Hondrogen, lors du vernissage d'une exposition aux ateliers Pousse Caillou Nicholas Hondrogen (1955-2007) is a painter, photographer and film-maker. He settled in Paris in the early 70's where his works were shown at Espace Cardin for their first exhibition. He met Luc and Perlette Valdelièvre at that time and then started a deep friendship and several collaborations, both in Paris and Roquefort des Corbières.

In the 90's, he settles in New York and then in California where he focuses on filmmaking. His documentary Perfect Moment got the Audience Award at the Slamdance Film Festival in 1997.

After Luc Valdelièvre passed away, he wrote :

Poem by Nicholas Hondrogen - Adieu XXème

What time is this
In the end measured
By minutes or seconds
Days or hours
Decades or years
These twenty centuries ?
A billion million infinite
Synapses spark
To light the void
Our savior for a nanosecond
To bark to gasp to whimper
Alone under the elm.
Mutate cyberspace crusaders
Dash the virtual plagues
By virus or holocaust
With pundits or clones
Alight here in darkness
Beneath the new moon.

This poem was written for the book of lithographs « Adieu XXème », in collaboration with Luc Valdelièvre for editions Pousse Caillou. This is the last work we did together. He is an old and very good friend. I miss him with all my heart.

Lithographs of Nicholas Hondrogen

Adieu XXème, Pasiphae and Theseus Clue

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