Picture of Patrick Loste, catalan painterPatrick Losteis a Catalan artist, born in 1955. He is one of the artists who worked regularly at Pousse Caillou studio; he lives in the same region and his friendship with Luc Valdelièvre created lots of opportunities to collaborate. Dozens of lithographs, in various formats, up to biggest one, 120x160cm have been printed and edited.

His love for horses is very present in his creations, and in his reprensentations of tauromachy, the position of man is not so enviable. Mythology also is a major theme in his work.

He still lives near the Spanish border and his paintings are regularly shown by different galleries in France and abroad.
His website : patrick-loste.com

Adieu XXème


Old Testament



Saint-Georges and the Dragon

25x36 cm - 1993
Printed in 35 samples

Horses and Horsemen

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