Photographie de Kjell Nupen lors de la réalisation de ses lithographies à Pousse CaillouKjell Nupen was a Norwegian contemporary artist (1955-2014). He heard abour the possibilities that Pousse caillou was offering (120x160cm format) and went to work several times on Roquefort. Most of his lithographs were no pousse caillou editions, except Adieu XXème in 1999 as he was part of the project. 
Luc Valdelièvre had contacted 20 artists for a series of lithographs called Adieu XXe (Farewell 20th), the project could not be finished as the lithographer passed away.

Lithographs by Kjell Nupen 

Adieu XXème

60x80 cm - 1999
Printed in 60 samples

Lithographs 120x160 cm

Artist's proofs - 1 sample